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Blue Ridge Mountains at sunset.


One of our new years resolutions is to blog more. Including some posts with continuity. I hope to make scenic shot tuesdays a reoccurring feature. Let us know what you think! We love comments.


Derrick Huff & Jaime Jo Sabol Engagment – Tanger Bicentennial Gardens

We had the pleasure of capturing the beautiful and fun love that exists between these two love birds. It’s often said that true love can survive a distance relationship, but I think they say that when a couple has been together and then has to have distance between them for whatever reason.

When Derrick and Jaime Jo met they lived 45 minutes apart, and it never even slowed their love down. They saw each other as much as possible and who knows maybe it even helped their love grow.

What a beautiful shot to start the day with. I mean, seriously, we could just go home now.

The Tanger Bicentennial Gardens are such a beautiful place. I like to go there to read, relax, take photos, etc. If you’re in the area and want a nice place to get outside, consider spending some time there.

The “what am I doing” pose. Those of you that know Derrick are probably chuckling, because that is so him. What a fun expression.

“Got it, I’m exuding how cool I am now!”

I love those smiles! They constantly smile like that around each other. Lucky in love? I think so!

One of the first signs that Derrick had fallen for Jaime Jo? He started to become a dog person. Look at that happy family! Zayna had so much fun in Bretts backyard. She isn’t one to sit still for long…

Shortly after a quick game of who can catch the dog for another picture.

Derrick & Jaime Jo have had many cycling adventures in their few short years together (few and short because I’m looking at the grand scheme of things, and my  crystal ball says these guys will be looking back at these pictures in another 50 years!), including a century ride last fall. For those of you who aren’t cycling savvy, that’s 100 miles! IN ONE DAY! Wowsers. The couple that can have a pain in the rear together and it not be each other, certain to enjoy many years of happiness, and that is just what I wish for this awesome couple.

I am lucky enough to be a guest at their wedding coming up in 5 more days. 11/5/11 is going to be one beautiful, epic, perfect day as I see two of my friends become husband and wife.

Best Wishes for now and forever!

Paradigm Shift – When one thing might mean another

So today, Jasmine Star, a fellow photographer blogged about a saying we’ve all heard. See her post here:

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”, which if we’re being honest with ourselves, should be, “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”

So, I started thinking (before reading her post), why can’t I judge a book by its cover. Why would someone take the time to write a book, presumably one they thought was a good final product, and then not put a nice cover on it?

I asked a friend this question and she hit me with some “backwards/magic/make it does make sense/logic”

What if, the person that originally threw out that saying had a different intent.

What if they were trying to warn us, that books with nice covers aren’t necessarily a good book.

Uh, oh, now we have a conundrum. Which way should this be interpreted?
I think I’ve come to reason that its like a two way street, both pieces may be great advice.

Although I think that I’m far more likely to pick up a book that stinks with a nice cover, so I’d better watch out for that visual trickery.

Thankfully, I can depend on thousands of people to review books on sites like amazon and if I take a good solid average of what they say, with a pinch of what I know I already like, I should come out with a winner more times than not.

The good news is that your Wedding Album built by Ardeur is going to have a great cover and great material. So judge away!

The Loft at Union Square – Becca Rush Gallimore Bridal Session

You will probably remember Becca from her engagement session that was recently featured on the blog. We had so much fun on there engagement session that I knew the bridal session would be a blast, and Becca didn’t disappoint.

Bridal portraits are a great way to do a test run of everything working well together from the shoes to the hair. It is wonderful to get to see how beautiful your upcoming bride will be. The only down side is that you can’t share the awesome photos with the world until after the wedding.

If you haven’t see the Loft at Union Square yet you have got to check it out, because it is absolutely stunning.

Here are just a few photos from our session at the Loft.


We should have sent this one to Brian as a teaser but we didn’t. 🙂Smiles from Ear to ear. This girl is ready to get married. And in that gorgeous gown who wouldn’t be?Bride’s pick for favorite photo is the one above.
This one feels serene to me, its like she’s caught a moment to think ahead to her future life, or maybe taking a second to pray for a marriage filled with every blessing they could imagine.
I love this one because it show’s off both Becca’s and the Loft’s beauty.

After Rebecca saw her photos we received the sweetest note from her.

“Thank you thank you thank you so much! I absolutely love them. I have so many that I love that i don’t know which ones to choose to print! I can honestly say that I’ve never felt so beautiful. Thank you so much you truly have a gift. They’re amazing!”


I think we can all agree that Becca was a beautiful bride, and that Brian is one lucky guy. I look forward to sharing their wedding with you soon.

Congrats to you two love birds!

Becca & Brian – High Point University Engagement Session

Becca & Brain are getting married this weekend and they couldn’t be a more beautiful couple. It was cold and windy during their engagement session but they were both up for hiking the entire High Point University Campus.

If you haven’t been to High Point University you should swing by and enjoy the beautiful ambiance sometime. With classical music playing in between the buildings to the amazing super sized hammocks its a step into a luxurious atmosphere that will do nothing but put a smile on your face.




Danielle & Cooper Ferguson’s North Carolina Wedding

Danielle & Cooper couldn’t have picked a better day to have their outdoor wedding. May in North Carolina can be tumultuous at times but there was nothing but sunshine on this May day.

Our beautiful couple got married right outside of Danielle’s parents home in Burlington, North Carolina. Some of the pre-wedding pictures were taken at Danielle’s aunts house, which was also absolutely stunning.

Danielle & Cooper also had their beautiful one year old daughter play a special part during the ceremony with a moving marriage of the family moment.

Our shot of the day has to be Cooper gently wiping the tear out of Danielle’s eye after this beautiful moment.

Best Wishes to the lovely couple!

Please feel free to share the Ardeur experience with your family and friends, either through this blog or at

Christi & Kyle

What a beautiful day for a wedding. Christi and Kyle had a beautiful Wedding & Reception at Hodgin Valley Farm in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina. Here are a few of the images from their very special day.

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